Message from the management :

The following regulations are only for the well- being of all. They have nothing to do with the world appear like a burden or constraint . However, management reserves the right to expel without refund anyone who violates these rules. We wish you a pleasant stay and we are at your disposal at all times to answer your questions and ensure that your stay with us is memorable !


- It is forbidden to swim after hours supervision by lifeguards
- Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult (lifeguards are not babysitters)
- No food at the pool
- Plastic container only, no glass containers


- Pets are welcome & must be leashed when traveling with them.
- They should not disturb your neighbors.
- Defence bathe dogs in the lake or pool.
- Person walking her pet on a leash MUST ALWAYS BE IN POSSESSION OF BAGS ON HERSELF TO COLLECT THE DUNG . (zero tolerance)
- One dog allowed per site.
- One cat allowed per site.
- Even leash, animals are FORBIDDEN to playgrounds, swimming pool, restaurant and toilet blocks.
- Do not leave your dog alone and unattended at your site or elsewhere on the site


- Your visitors should go to the reception before going on your property. (there is a fee for day and night)
- Day visitors must leave the campground later than 23h
- Visitors must park their car in the parking lot before the campsite.

Camp fire

- Do not move home.
- lights shall not exceed 2 feet.
- Do not cut branches or trees.
- All fires must be made in the space provided for this purpose and extinguished before 23:00.
- Fire rings are not rubbish bins
- Log of wood ONLY


- Campers must park outside his own field.
- Do not park in front of vacant lots , and toilet blocks.
- The lawn is not a parking lot.


Please ensure that your children spend a nice stay in a safe and responsible environment.


Prohibited at all times on the site.


It is prohibited to install clotheslines of all kinds.

Speed limit

10 km / h

Car washing



- You must file your waste in the containers provided for this purpose not in the fire circle!
- Do not leave any garbage bag near the trailer or on vacant lots.


- The tenant undertakes to keep its own website and to observe the rules of morality, hygiene, politeness and courtesy towards others at all times. Any disrespect to the staff and management of the camping ground will result in your eviction and no refund.
- tenant and his guests undertake to always act in accordance with its neighbors. Avoid shouting and loud music at any time. Music or noise heard in the second neighbor will be considered disturbing.
- slingshots , air guns , ball tack and all weapons of any kind are strictly prohibited.
- possessions, consumption, sales and any other action relating to drugs are strictly prohibited anywhere and at any time on the campsite . These actions will result in immediate and permanent removal of any wrongful and without refund.
- For the sake of peace and security , golf carts are not allowed. Exception is made for those in the personnel of the campsite .
- Avoid walking on the ground to go to other destination.


Camping Transit can not be held responsible for damage or injury caused to the tenant or his guests by pets allowed on site , a partial or total lack of electricity, lack of water, discharge of sewer, a fall tree , fire or vandalism - . Neither liable for theft or loss of equipment.

Have a nice stay with us!